Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Virtual Newport Arrives...

Being Mayor has its perks. One perk is I took a nice early morning tour of Newport Harbor, a location in our virtual world which will be released in conjunction with the new reality show on MTV. I think this could easily become a favorite spot of many virtual residents as well. So far I'm enjoying it more than the Virtual Real World. It has docks, beaches, towers, a water race course and yes even a yacht floating in the water for parties.

Here's some of the cool attractions you'll see in Newport. I particularly like the idea that you can now go on yacht/cruise ships as funzones. I took a tour of the SS Scorpio (pictured above), which is one nice party boat! Nice touch, now lets get Jay-Z and some other v-celebs to stop by for a party in the virtual world!

Newport Beach Spa
Trim sails, trim nails.
500,000 MTV$
Capacity:50 For Rent

S.S. Scorpio
Climb aboard the S.S. Scorpio and party until the sun goes down.
500,000 MTV$
Capacity:100 For Rent

Sejour's FunZone
Party away the night at Sejour's!
500,000 MTV$
Capacity:100 For Rent

The Standard FunZone
The perfect setup for a floating party.
500,000 MTV$
Capacity:100 For Rent

Check out my full tour of the new location here in my Myspace album.

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