Friday, August 10, 2007

V-Real World Sights

Here's a quick rundown of my tour of the Virtual Real World:

With several new locations to hang out at, the Virtual Real World offers some nice new scenery. Pictured above is the view from the deck of the Cargo Bar, a hip new local hangout where I'm sure virtual Real world cast members and other celebs will soon be appearing..

Harbordside Marketplace features an interesting design with alot of "purses" hanging around. I bet there's many female avatars wishing those virtual purses were for sale :)

Caroline's is a high class fashion retail shop in Virtual Real World. The selections look extensively female and priceless (I was unable to find price tags or BUY options, but I'm not a big shopper.) I'll have my Team MC report back on this one.

The Bungalow is a cool nightclub/bar in the virtual Real World. You might have to "mouse" around a bit to find the entrance button, but also just pushing forward and walking in the front door seems to do the trick.

There's also the Sydney Spa where avatars can catch up on their skintone treatments to treat those ever so popular "mismatch" skin color conditions.

I also wandered into what seems to be a maroon/purplish maze at one part of the Virtual Real World. Avatars beware, you could easily find yourself lost in Virtual Reality!

And of course, the main attraction, the Virtual Real World house, which is a virtual model of what you will see on TV this season. Complete with kitchen, upper level and an office/music studio, it's definitely worth visiting and taking the inside tour!

Check out my VMTV Real World photo album at my VMTV myspace here.

You can teleport to any of the above mentioned spots from the VMTV central site when you log into the chat world. Just click the Real World logo and go from there!

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