Friday, August 3, 2007

5 Virtual Questions: JT

Congratulations to JT, who is now the Hills inside Blogger. JT won the recent contest from VMTV and presents blogs on all the inside scoop, rumors and gossip involving MTV's hit reality show, "The Hills". JT also gets to host exclusive virtual parties on VMTV.

In a new segment on this blog we will have 5 questions with various residents of the Virtual world. JT the Hills Blogger will be our 1st virtual guest as he answers "5 Virtual Questions" from Mayor MCStylin.

1) How long have you used VMTV for?
I started in November of 06, then quit, but I started back in Febuary.

2) Favorite hangout spot on VMTV and why?

The other side of Main Beach(to the right of the Laguna Beach FUE), or just Club Area. I'd like to start going to Hyde because it seems pretty cool.

3) Who's your favorite character/person on the MTV Reality show "The Hills" and why?
Since the cast is all females, Lauren. She just has her life straight on with a personality that's the most attractive out of the girls. If I'd marry her I could (ha ha!)

4) What's 1 thing you would add to the VMTV virtual chat world if you could?
I'd like a whole U.S chat world. Like every important spot in L.A with everything down. like NYC,NY; L.A, Orange County, CA; Malibu, CA. Just to make it more exciting. But I love it the way it is.

5) What do you like most about the new VMTV blogger job?
The job in general. I mean, I'm not trying to be "super cool on vMTV to where everyone knows my name." I just loved the idea and blogging. I didn't think that I'd go to Area every Tuesday where all the Area's would fill up. That's super gnarly to me.

View The Hills: JT's Inside Scoop blog here at VMTV Central site.

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