Thursday, July 5, 2007

Will VLB invade Squidoo?

What is Squidoo?!, you might ask. Squidoo is an addictive Myspace type social-netowrking site with some very cool twists to it:

1)You make a "Lens" on Squidoo. A Lens is your unique look at any topic you choose to make a page about. You then add pictures, links, recommended Amazon items about your topic and more! It can take 5 minutes or over an hour, depending on how much time you want to spend, but its free to sign up and be a part of..

2)You can earn $ for yourself or a charity. On Myspace the advertising money all goes to Myspace. On Squidoo they split any money your Squidoo page makes with you, since its your page! Also, if you put Amazon products on your lens page, you get commission if someone buys that product from your page.

3)You can have as many pages as you want! You can make a page about ice cream. A page about your dog. A page about how to win at Poker. A page about virtual chats like VMTV.. The topics can be G Rated to X Rated. It's quite addictive!

Maybe soon we will start to see VLB pages popping up on Squidoo, just like on Myspace..I say it's a fun new site worth being part of!

Click here to get started on Squidoo, head over, sign up and make your lens page!

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