Saturday, June 30, 2007

Design Clothes & Make $$$

One of the best parts of VMTV/VLB is the ability to make money on your own (without spending real life money). No I'm not talking about the much talked about Pepsi scams in Galleria, I'm referring to the Stylemaker to design and sell your own clothes.

First off you can download Stylemaker program and other tools here:

I don't plan to launch into a full tutorial here on how to use Stylemaker, but I will say once you download the Stylemaker software it can be a bit complex to learn. My best recommendations are going over one of the many tutorials here at the Developer's site:

I also recommend using a art program if you have it. Adobe Photoshop or Paintshop are two I recommend. You can sometimes download 30 plus day trials of these programs for free too.

Once you have designed your first item you will want to submit it for approval. You will need to have signed up for the Developer's program already (an easy 4-5 question page you fill out online).

To submit the item take these simple steps:

1) Open Stylemaker program

2) Go to File & Load Texture for the shirt (or clothes item texture you want to submit)

3) Make sure under the "Skintone" menu you have the proper skintone you want your clothing item for checked off.

4) Go to FILE and then "Submit to There". Leave Stylemaker open for a few moments.

This will launch a web browser in Explorer and eventually give you a special submission code. Make sure to copy this code for record. Sometimes the item doesn't automatically submit. If this occurs, you will need to go to the Developer's site and enter that code here:

Once you get the hang of designing clothing items, you can take your talents to new levels and eventually make more and more items for sale to generate virtual income!

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