Tuesday, May 29, 2007

VMTV Forums & Housing

First off, a quick point about the VMTV Site's forums. I would encourage all "residents" of the virtual world to become active and post their thoughts and ideas on these boards. It's a great way to give your feedback and help make the VLB product better for its users. Who knows, quite possibly your idea will help create something new and exciting for the virtual world!

The link for the vmtv/vlb forums:

There is 1 situation I must address, which resulted in a very heated forum board with about 60 posts/responses total. This relates to the VLB Housing situation. The board was started by my personal assistant and friend Celesita. She asked why she was unable to get a home, since that was a big part of why she decided to pay the $5.95 membership fee for Premium. What followed was a series of responses on everything from people talking about "being petty" to "real estate lessons" and people telling others to go away or call it a day. I myself was included in these response and arguments. My initial intention was to support my friend as well as defend others' rights when they pay a membership fee. I provided several solutions/compromises within my feedback, but found others to not be doing the same and just agreeing with policy "as is". Unfortunately things got out of hand to a degree.

I can definitely see my role in things getting heated. I tend to express my views and stand up for what I believe is right and sometimes it can become very delicate and heated if the topic causes a heavy debate. I'm all for positive debate but definitely against people telling others to "stop complaining", "accept things as they are" or "call it a day". I think that is when things get ignited to a higher temperature. Not questioning things and just agreeing with everything isn't always the best way to go about things. Change will never come in our world then.

My basic points are people should not be afraid to give their feedback and express their opinions on matters in the virtual world or real world. We definitely don't live in a world where we have to accept things as they are. We do live in a world where we should all do our best to compromise and get along. Without discussion, feedback and solutions there can be no compromise. I hope this extends to our Virtual world as well.

Peace to all virtual residents,
Mayor MC


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