Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Virtual World of Kaneva

A few days ago I posted about virtual chatworlds, comparing VLB to 2nd Life and IMVU..Lo and behold right after the post I discover a new virtual world known as "Kaneva".

Not to sway people from VLB, because this isn't the same, yet, but they look to be going for the gusto to give VLB a run for its money. Kaneva currently starts your avatar off with 50,000 credits and an apartment. From there, you can visit the shopping mall to buy clothes and then pimp out your apartment. You can also choose to upgrade your living space to a warehouse or club or theater for 1000 or more if you desire.

The drawback to Kaneva right now is that it is in Beta, still being tested and designed. According to their site they will be offering games such as arcade, paintball, pool and darts in the future, which could appeal to an older crowd than VLB attracts. The pimping of your apartment it offers now is definitely addictive and time consuming..Another con is the avatars just aren't as attractive as on VLB. You can still chat, and post your own pictures, music and video in your personal living space, which makes it like a virtual myspace. Pretty sweet.

Whether Kaneva will be able to outdo or VLB's current chat worlds, remains to be seen..Download at

(PS Kaneva's site claims that if you use their chatworld between 9-11PM on Monday night, they give a free 10,000 credits for "Stress Test Night..)

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