Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Virtual Real World..

Looks like it's time to stop being polite and start getting virtually real, in the Virtual Real World on VMTV. The new VMTV location is a virtual replica of the house and surroundings from the Real World which will be in Sydney, Australia for the upcoming season (amazingly Australia is on the map right next door to Laguna!). When I first saw the ad for this on VMTV's site, I was seriously believing we would be living in a virtual home with 6 other random avatars from all over VLB. I soon realized it is more like Virtual Pimp My Ride where they will have RW cast members drop by from time to time in the new locations to say hi to avatars and answer questions. However, there is a Real World contest coming up, and that could prove interesting.

Imagine you were stuck online with 6 other virtual avatars and had to try to get along together under 1 roof. Now that might be a tougher feat than being part of the actual Real World, minus the cameras.

One thing of note, the new Real World location on VMTV seems to take a little while to load up. I'm not sure if the long load time is due to this part still being under construction, or if it will clear up as they unveil the grand opening. It could prove a lot worse if they have an event there and a ton of avatars show up. Be aware if you go there, you might take a while to see everything on your screen..

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