Saturday, August 4, 2007

VMTV's Farming Issue

The following regards the "farming" issue reported on the VMTV site on July 5, 2007:

"Over the past few months we have had issues where some members have been exploiting our auctions system to move MTV$ from "mule" accounts created specifically for tihs purpose, to their own primary accounts.

We would like to let it be known that this is now considered an offense which can lead to suspension and removal of any "farmed" MTV$, or even can lead to permanent ban depending on the degree of severity that "farming" was done.

-vMTV Support Crew"

The policy makes sense, however, it seems as if VMTV is using a "retroactive" approach in handling this. Exploitations can occur most when a system has loopholes and is not secure. While I'm not condoning "farming" I am saying it can be addressed full on from the start by the creators of the site and chat world. The best solution would have been to put limits on auctions from the start and have an email verification system in process. Warnings are always good for members in violation of a VMTV policy, that way VMTV can say "we told you so". I believe if VMTV can afford to have all sorts of in-world promotions, contests where $50,000 cars are given away and more, they can definitely afford simple security procedures with their chat world. I hope that VMTV will adress this issue in a more reasonable manner from here out.

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