Friday, August 3, 2007

VMTV Bans Various Residents

It appears many residents of VMTV have been forced to move over to using There instead of VMTV. Some residents were banned for illegal sales techniques in the Galleria auctions or for using vulgarity while on VMTV. Some were given 1-3 day suspensions from the game while others were permanently banned. While this is definitely a sad thing, it goes to show that virtual residents must take care to follow the rules. At the same time, let us hope that those rules are made crystal clear to all people using the virtual chat. Banning people out of nowhere is definitely a problem, if they didn't know to expect it.

While I enjoy the virtual chat world of VMTV, I also realize There is more of an 18 and older virtual chat. It also offers more possibilities for developing objects. I have seen everything from hanggliders to angel wings to helicopters. It makes for a cool environment. The money situation is a bit tighter on There, as they don't provide you any from the start. However their membership is a one-time, lifteim flat fee of just $10. From there you can enjoy membership benefits on There.

To sum things up, follow the rules and be aware that sometimes those rules take some research to find. Most especially be careful while on VMTV, where there is a PG-13 attitude.

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