Tuesday, August 7, 2007

5 Virtual Questions: Momma Hen

This week, Birdeena, better known as "Momma Hen" from Team MC and Crew, takes a seat in the hot-seat and answers 5 Virtual Questions..

1) Since you have the nickname Momma Hen, what 1 song would you choose as the official Momma Hen theme song if you had to choose?

The song I would pick would be....Yo Momma's on Crack Rock...ROFL!!! JK I like that song though it makes me laugh (even though it is kinda sad when you think of it.) I like Ozzy Ozbourne-Momma I'm Comin' Home.. :o) It's just a good song.

2) With the new Real World section of VMTV coming soon, what 5 other avatars would you pick to live in the house with you? (since Mayor MC would be 1 of the 7 roommates)...

This is a tough one, but I thought you know I have seen The Real World & you have to have a little drama, so my picks are:

HermosaBeachGirl (Ash)
Blaze (This guy is CRAZY & he was mean to me once...but it would make good drama LOL)

3) If you could add or remove one feature to VMTV what would it be and why?

I would add boats with the option to tube or water ski LOL. Driving my car through the ocean is starting to rust it up LOL!

4) What 1 celebrity would you like to stop by the virtual world for a Meet and Greet and why?

I would like to meet Amanda Bynes so I could tell her that her work makes me smile!

5) If you had your own virtual world what location would you base it upon (city ,state or country...) and why?

Maybe Harry Potter LOL. I know sounds nerdy, but there are a lot of Harry Potter freaks out there (I am one, but not in the sense of dressing up like the characters, but it would be fun to pretend to be them you know virtual). MC I think we have a project on our hands...& I am including you cause yeah this would be awesome! :o)

Thanks to Momma Hen for taking the time to answer. Momma Hen is also starting a new VLB movement on Yuwiee, a site similar to Myspace where you get paid based on your friends joining and more! Click here to sign up for Yuwiee today!

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