Monday, August 13, 2007

Should Crew Members be Payed?

The crew is a noble position one can hold on Virtual MTV. It allows you to help new members, attend and host cool events, and receive Crew bling on a regular basis. While on the surface it seems like a great organization to participate in, I began wondering if maybe crew members should be payed?

PROS: This would be a good new way for people to make $. Crew members help people and should be entitled to some sort of salary based on performance or events hosted, etc. It could be based on ratings by a Greeter or by events or tasks a crew member does. It could be on a monthly basis. It could also be a good way to get more people involved in VMTV and crew, and possibly weed out those who are "joining just to join".

It might be hard for VMTV to institute this sort of payed program, as there are many people participating in crew. Also, as with other functions of the game there may be some crew members who abuse this. I still believe it could be regulated.

In the virtual world you're always going to have those who abuse things, just like the privilege of being a part of Crew. I've known some great people from the crew as well as some who try to use the position, or joined just to "get the bling". But it might be time for VMTV to consider having payed Crew positions. It would bring more VLB $ into the virtual economy in a new way and increase member participation as well as help newbies.

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