Sunday, August 12, 2007

5 Virtual Questions: vmtvgnome

Many avatars may not realize there are "others" living in our virtual world. One of these others is a virtual gnome who sees and hears some wild stuff, since he lives inside the "rtr" crew house. The vmtvgnome was good enough to answer 5 virtual questions for us this week...

1) Whats the best part about being a gnome amongst all the avatars in the Virtual world?

I get to be apart of a wonderful crew. I get to work with one of the best Greeters vMTV has.

2) Who's 1 celebrity you'd like to see drop by the virtual world someday?

I would love a female gnome that maybe acts or sings or models or just a normal gnome to come into the world. That is what I would consider a celebrity that I would love to meet.

3) Wildest thing or event you've witnessed in the rtr crew house?

Greeter_Neve sometimes paintballs the crew out of the house or gets them stuck in the ground. That is the coolest thing I have seen. One time this I_Love_Neve avastar broke into the crew house and got stuck on the couch after getting kicked out and paintballed by a crew member. He was just lopping around.

4) Do you have a pimped ride? What would your ride be if you could pimp it?

I do not have a pimped out car. There is a virtual law that got passed that gnomes can't drive. Which I don't really get. The first time I drove I accidentally ran over Greeter_Neve and we went through the wall of the crew house. She ended up eatting a lot of sand. She wasn't to happy with me for doing that. I had to stay outside for a week after that. She eventually let me back into the crew house.

5) What is one thing you think VMTV is missing or could use the most?

They need a RTR crew shirt for me. I would also like to have a female gnome come into the game. I would have a wedding and invite everyone when I found the right female gnome to marry.

Thanks to vmtvgnome for answering 5 virtual questions! We definitely need more gnomes in the virtual world!

Check out vmtvgnome at the rtr crew house or stop by his Myspace page here.

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