Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Bored Online???

Virtual residents, ever find yourself bored or with spare time on the internet? I've found the above sites which are free to sign up for and use. They offer members rewards such as gift cards, prizes and cash! No spam, and no fees involved, I belong to each and haven't experienced a problem. In fact 3 of the items listed below are basically like Myspace except they give their members rewards based on participation. Gather is my new favorite.

Here's a quick rundown on each of the above:

Agloco - Pays people to surf the net. You sign up for free, download a free Viewbar (which goes below your web browser). You then surf the web 5 hours per month with that Viewbar open. You can also invite friends to join and then earn when you or they surf the web each month. Agloco vows it will pay its members once it has gone public and can pay out through dividends.

Check out Agloco here!

Cash Crate - This is one that is tricky compared to the others. Cash Crate gives you PayPal payouts for filling out surveys or signing up for free services (such as Netflix or Vonage phone). It pays anywhere from $.40 cents to $45 depending on the offer. Be wary of fine print on offers and giving out addresses/personal info to offers here. I've earned over $2 so far, but plan to check into more offers.

Check out Cash Crate here!

Gather - This one is quickly becoming my favorite of the group. It's basically an online community like Myspace. The difference is you can upload your own pics, videos and blog entries and then receive points when people comment or rate them. You also receive points for commenting/rating other people's stuff and for inviting friends to join. After you have 5 friends join Gather, they give you a free $20 Borders gift card. It's free to join and use, and doesn't Spam its members.

Check out Gather here!

Squidoo & Yuwiee - These are also alternate forms of Myspace. Squidoo allows you to build a "lens page" on any topic you choose. From there you add all sorts of content/items to your lens such as Ebay auction items, Amazon items you recommend and more. You can earn commission if people buy your recommended items. Not a bad deal.

Check out Squidoo here!

Yuwiee is similar to Squidoo & Gather. It operates on the notion of making a page like you have on Myspace and then inviting friends to join. The more friends you invite and the more page views you get of your Yuwie page, the more you can earn!

Check out Yuwie here!

Yuwie - Paid form of Myspace!
Squidoo - build a lens, earn $!
Gather - Fun social community, earn rewards!
Cash Crate - Paid to signup for offers, surveys!
Agloco - Paid Internet Surfing - Free Signup!

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