Thursday, August 16, 2007

5 V-Celebs We Need

VMTV has done a great job of bringing all sorts of celebrities into the virtual world. We've seen everyone from Hills & Real World Cast members to Diggity Dave to MIMS, Lil Mama, Korn, Linkin Park and Fabolous. There's many more celebs out there who might make for great virtual guests.

My TOP 5 celebs VMTV needs to bring into our world:

1) Kanye West

A controversial choice, because people either love him or hate him. Personally his musical work to me is genius despite what others may say. I think he'd make for a great guest and could promote his upcoming album Graduation which is set to be released on September 11th.

2) Rob & Big

2 v-celebs for the price of 1 here, you get the stars of the hit show, same name. Rob and Big's 1st two seasons have shown us why these guys are funny and crazy in reality. Imagine them in Virtual reality. I'm thinking they could have their dog "Meaty" as a v-pup following them around as they hit the virtual scene. Rob could also show off some skills on the hoverboard while Big Black keeps the residents back.


this might be the most realistic possiblity of the whole list here. Rihanna is having a successful career right now and is on the heels of her album release: Good Girl Gone Bad . I think most of the male avatars might agree that having Rihanna stop by would be a great event!

4)Beavis and Butthead

Another 2 for 1 deal here and possibly controversial choice. These guys are MTV legends and even starred in their own MTV produced movie, Beavis and Butthead Do America. Imagine if voice were enable too, the funny "heh heh's" and "shutup butthead"'s you'd get to hear :)

5) Fab 5 Freddy

Some may never have heard of Fab 5 Freddy, as he was part of the great original & historic series on MTV known as "Yo! MTV Raps". Fab 5 Freddy was the hip-hop host & correspondent who would hit the scene to interview rappers such as Ice Cube, Public Enemy and LL Cool J. It would be fun to have Fab 5 stop by so VMTV residents could reminisce over old school hip hop and ask about various rappers he's met...

I think the above celebs would make for some fun and interesting visitors to our world..Maybe soon we'll be partying with a few in the VMTV locations...

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