Sunday, August 19, 2007

5 Virtual Questions: Sportsxstar25

Sportsxstar25 is livin' the good life. As the winner of the Virtual Pimp My Ride contest, he was awarded a real life pimped out mustang, which is being customized at the Gas Garage in California! He's also had his avatar appear on the cover of VRyde (the official V-PMR online magazine) as seen in the above photo. Sportsxstar25 now stops by to answer 5 Virtual questions from the VLB Times...

1) Winning a Mustang is a sweet deal. What would your all-time dream car be?


When I Was A Weeeeeeeeeeeee Little Boy My Dream Car Always Was A Mustang...Gotta Love The American Muscle Car...

2) VMTV has lowriders, TUV's, buggies, hoverboards and scooters. What 1 other vehicle do you think would be cool to have in VMTV and why?

Dirtbikes!!....For All The Off Road Hills...

3) Who is 1 celebrity you'd like to see stop by our virtual world?
Bring On Bush...And I Say We Have A Goood Ole Fashion PB Party

4 ) VMTV now has Laguna, The Hills, Pimp my Ride, Virtual Newport Harbor and Real World Australia. What other location would you add to the virtual world?

Give VMTV Some Fast Foood Places Cause IM HUNGRY!

5 ) Do you feel "hit and run" driving should be dealt with seriously by VMTV staff, or do you feel its just part of the game? (this is where avatars drive around looking to hit people and send them flying).

HAHAHAHA.....IM Guilty Of Going Around Hitting People......I Believe Its Part Of The Game...If You Dont Want Hit >>>>>>DONT STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD<<<<<<<< and turn your ff on ....but yeah I Love Hitting people...

Check out some cool pics of the Mustang Sportsxstar25 won, as it's being customized in Cali..

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