Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hills Episode 75 "Who to Choose?"

Lauren and Audrina discussed the dating dilemma Audrina was facing with Cory vs. Justin. Audrina said she couldn't figure out if getting with Cory would make Justin want her more. Audrina admitted Justin was a weird one and Lauren hit the nail on the head saying that's why Audrina likes him.

Spencer met with his sister to discuss his dislike of Heidi's sister and mother. Spencer's sister suggested it's a bad idea for him to feud with the family of his future wife. She also suggested he have Heidi tell her sister to move out and Spencer gave the thumbs up.

Cory and Audrina grill each other about the single life and who else might be involved in their lives. Audrina brings up Justin as just a friend, then invites Cory to a big party where he can see her friends. Later still, Lauren and Audrina invite Cory to hang out when they go to Cabo.

Spencer calls Heidi a pushover for allowing her sister to live rent and food-free with them. Spencer then delivers the ultimatum it's either him or her that moves out. Heidi confronts Holly with this concept, which results in a bit of an argument, but ultimately Heidi telling Holly to find a new place.

Lauren and Whitney go to the big hangout/party as each other's dates and oversee Audrina and Cory in the pool. Frankie and Doug show up and ask if Justin's coming too. LC suggests they call him on the cell and say the party's lame. Frankie mentions Justin may be going to Cabo with them in a few weeks, which is where Audrina invited Cory. Frankie and Doug tell Audrina that Brody invited Justin to Cabo for his big B-day bash.

Audrina brings Justin to the house where he encourages Audrina to go into the pool. Audrina takes off her bikini top on Justin's dare, and Justin goes into the water with her. Justin informs Audrina that "it's on in Cabo" if he goes. The two embrace in the pool, with Audrina saying she doesn't trust Justin in Cabo.

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