Monday, February 18, 2008

Virtual Community Awards

The following is a special announcement for the Virtual Community Awards...

The highlight of my whole virtual publishing career and vTEEN was undoubtedly the vTEEN Awards. Because of my busy schedule and resoultions, I ultimately decided to discontinue vTEEN. However, I would love to hold another award ceremony to commemorate all our awesome peeps in world. So, I have decided to create a whole new award ceremony called...

The Virtual Community Awards

I thoroughly went through all the flaws the vTEEN Awards had and hope to make this award a success. I also hope to schedule this award on Wedneswday, March 26 during the Easter Holidays so hopefully all those members swamped with school work will be able to attend at a time when the work is light.

The nomination process will be a bit different. Last time, because it was I alone surveying the community and Galleria for nods, some of the nominees were viewed as unfair to other people. So this time, you apply for the categories, a correction to one of the few flaws the vTEEN awards had.

------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------

The Categories and Nomination Process

So after deciding, which category you fit in, you go to the link below to apply for the category/categories. Apply to as many as you like, however, it might be decided that you can only be nominated for 4 categories. YOU CAN APPLY FOR OTHER PEOPLE IN OTHER WORDS< YOU CAN NOMINATE OTHER PEOPLE TO BE NOMINATED. After application, the committee of the awards will meet to go through applications, and nominations revealed 2 weeks before awards, to allow two weeks of voting.

Here are the categories I was thinking of, 28 in total. I am very open to suggestions of categories that should be added or removed with reason.

Most Awesome Automobile Collection - Best Car Designs
Most Awesome Furniture Collection - Best Home Decore
Hippest New Clothing Line - Clothing Line that was formed after December 1, 2007
Most Awesome Male Clothing Line - Line with at least 10 release of male clothing
Sexiest Female Clothing Line - Line with at least 10 release of female clothing
Hottest Preppy/Dressy Clothing Line - self explanatory
Coolest Casual/Sport Wear Line - self explanatory
Best Roc/Urban Wear - self explanatory
Best Line from There - self explanatory

Requirements to apply for designer categories: line must have an official name and release of designs kept active.

Wildest Most Craziest vMTVer
Best Buddy Support - who is the bestest friend to have in VMTV?
Silliest Most Comedic vMTVer
Best Duo - could be a love couple or a friendship couple
Greatest Badass Mafia - best crew/clique in VMTV
The vMTV Queen Bee - self explanatory
Best Male - self explanatory
Best Female - self explanatory
Coolest vMTV Personality - self explanatory
Greatest Vista Pro Champ - best paintballer
Best Car Racer/Hoverboarder - self explanatory

Best Magazine Debut - for all those magazines that released their first issue after december 1, 2007 this is the catgory for you
Most Gellin' Dance Crew - self explanatory, and will be based off groups that submit videos to metacafe in the dance contest in the future.
Best Music/Dance Video - best of the last music video contest and future dance video contest
Best Director - all those who make the best videos no matter on what video website
vMTV Media Frenzie-Person - all those competition winners and all those in the spotlight of vmtv
Biggest vMTV Empire - - self explanatory

vMTV Red Carpet Hottie - poll released the same nights when pics of individuals on red carpet are taken and placed on website
vMTV Milestone Award - no voting, decided by commitee


I am also looking for a committee to deliberate on nominees, promoters/sponsors, paparazzi and interviewers.

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