Monday, January 14, 2008

Lauren Conrad Quits Teen Vogue

It appears the star of The Hills, Lauren Conrad has officially ditched her job at Teen Vogue.

According to People magazine:

“No, no, it was a decision I made because I was kind of done,” she told PEOPLE on Friday at the opening of the Jimmy Choo Flagship store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. “I’ve been doing it for about two years, so I’m kind of done.”

Conrad hasn’t found another part-time job — “Honestly, I can’t tell you because I haven’t decided yet. I’m looking,” she said at the opening, which raised money for the Entertainment Industry Foundations’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund — but is leaning toward something in the fashion world. “I really like working backstage at fashion shows, so I’m looking kind of in production,” she says. “I love it. It’s like the most amazing high. It’s like the best feeling.”

Of course, she also has her day job — being Lauren Conrad on MTV’s popular The Hills, which is returning for another season.

So, will we see her with a guy on the show? “I hope so!” she says.

Lauren Conrad also laughed off the recent rumors that Kristin Cavalari will be joining the "cast" of The Hills. So for now her feud with Heidi will most likely be the continued drama of the show.

See all about Lauren Conrad here.

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