Saturday, January 19, 2008

Latest Rumors for The Hills

Hey Hills fans, have you missed hearing about the girls as much as I have? Well, I spent sometime this morning trying get caught up and do my best to try and pass along what I’ve been hearing. So here goes, in no particular order:

Both Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are no longer with Teen Vogue. Were they fired or weren’t they fired? I personally doubt they were but who knows in Hollywood. There is a rumor circulating out there about Lauren pursuing work at Bolthouse, the same place where Heidi works, this rumor came from a dinner sighting between Brent Bolthouse and Lauren Conrad a while back in December. After more research though, it appears it was only a meal, she’s not interested in employment with them. You’re safe now Heidi!

Rumor or no rumor: Rumor, Brody Jenner says, no he has never kissed Paris Hilton in his life. If you ask me though, I bet you he did.

Yes, you’ve heard it right, there has been chatter about bringing back Kristin Cavallari, but when Lauren Conrad was asked about her return, by TV Guide, she gave an emphatic, “No”! Personally, I would love to see her back; I’d also love to see my old boyfriend (wink) Stephen Colletti too.

In the spring (March), MTV is reporting to be airing those eight bonus episodes of the Hills with Lauren in Paris, I’m not sure how exciting that will be but I’ll probably watch anyways. I just think something is lost when you take it out of California.

Kentucky Fried Chicken interested in Lauren? That’s what I hear; apparently the Colonel wants her to design some retro t-shirts for their scholar’s charity.
A new roommate! One of my favorite Laguna Beach cast members is moving in with Lauren and Audrina, it’s Lauren Bosworth (LO). I just love her! In case you hadn’t heard, which you should have if you read this blog regularly, LC bought a beautiful new home. Sources report that the home cost around $2 million dollars.

Apparently over the holidays, more specifically New Years, it was reported that Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti were seen making out. Who knows folks, it was New Years, can’t two old single friends make out once in a while? Friends with benefits, maybe so?

Justin Bobby no more, yeah! US Weekly reports Audrina has a new man, he’s actually an old friend, she’s know him since she was 16. I hope it works out for her, JB was a real loser.

Speidi, isn’t that what rags call them? Apparently these two are doing alright; they are still seen everywhere doing just about everything from shopping to dinners and such (and smooching). From what I gather though, the wedding plans are still on hold.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m sure we’ll hear more in the weeks and months to come. Even behind the scenes, there is still drama in the Hills. Thanks as always for tuning into The VLB Times, where we live the virtual life!

The above guest post is courtesy of Team MC member and VMTV resident, Ashley.

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