Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hills Episode 71: "You Always Miss a Best Friend"

The episode opens in the cheery apartment/condo of Spencer and Heidi as they chat with Heidi's sister, Holly. Holly mentions the "L" word. Spencer takes offense to her saying she wants to hang out with Lauren and sets some ground rules, no fraternizing with Lauren. That doesn't stop Holly though, as she and Lauren met during daylight hours. Lauren says she doesn't want to cause a problem with Heidi and Holly, but Holly informs Lauren that Heidi has been feeling bad about things.

White Tie Affair band was coming to LA to pump up their new album at a Showcase event and after party. Audrina is enlisted as the right-hand woman for the function. Audrina also has a night out with boyfriend Justin, and says she feels Lo and Lauren are really making an effort to make things work. Audrina invites Lauren out to the big band event and after party, so Lauren brings Lo and Stephanie along for it. Justin is a no-show after telling Audrina he'd show up in her support.

Heidi chastises her sister for having lunch with Lauren without approving it first. Heidi questions Holly's loyalty, and Holly tells Heidi it's clear Lauren misses her too. Lauren talks to Spencer's sister Stephanie about meeting up with Holly, saying she hopes she doesn't ruin the sisterly relationship. Both Lauren and Heidi confess to friends that they miss the way things used to be. Is a Heidi and Lauren make-up on the way? Stay tuned...

(Note: Another viewer/fan of the Hills mentioned Lauren appeared to have a moustache in this episode, and it definitely looked that way..Lauren break out the razor!)

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