Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Hills Season Begins, Bring the Drama!

The latest season of MTV's The Hills has kicked off for 2008, with everyone's favorites back in full swing. Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, Whitney and Lo were back again for the reality show as well as everyone's favorite villain, Spencer Pratt.

Here's a recap of Hills premiere episode:

"We'll Never Be Friends" was the appropriate first title, which can refer to Spencer vs. Holly, Lo and Audrina's inability to co-exist, or even the longtime feud between Lauren and Heidi.

Spencer had just moved back into Heidi's apartment. Early in the show, tension was high amongst Spencer and Heidi's sister, Holly, who apparently don't get along well at all. As Holly was heading back home, she mentioned to Heidi she might need to stay with them a bit. This set off a fight between Spencer and Heidi.

Lauren also had a date with a former high-school classmate named Doug who she bumped into in LA. The two hit up Red Pearl Kitchen for dinner on the town and seemed to hit it off.

A birthday bash was thrown for Audrina, pool party style. The idea was to try to get Audrina and Lo all buddy-buddy, but it seems like the two just rub each other the wrong way. Lo refused to give it an effort to meet Audrina's friends, and decided to spend the party upstairs. Lauren invited her date from the previous night Doug, who helped with the grilling. Audrina's ex, Justin made a surprise appearance as well.

Lo and Audrina had a sit-down to try to patch up their differences. Lo said she felt she was making the effort, but Audrina said she just doesn't care, and that they'll never be friends.

So the previews for the upcoming season are full of hints..Maybe we'll see a Lauren-Heidi patch up this season?

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