Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hills Episode 70: "Something Has to Change"

We open with Lauren, Lo and company in Vegas celebrating Frankie's big B-Day bash. Unfortunately, things take a wild turn when Doug and Brody are assumed to be arrested for a casino altercation. The girls are worried and look up bail stores to find the guys. Turns out the guys spent 5 hours filling out police reports because an obnoxious guy punched Doug in the chest. As Lauren's friend chirps "that's what boys do".

During the Vegas trip, Audrina's there in the city, but her and Lauren never speak or hang out much at all. As they're leaving to head back to CA, Audrina approaches Lauren saying "we need to talk".

Heidi's sister, Holly, continues to stay at Spencer and Heidi's place. Good ol' Spencer decides to play the manipulative villain again when he tells Heidi's sis that neither he nor Heidi want her living there. She gets upset and leaves. Later, Heidi is unaware of Spencer's act and leaves 50 messages trying to find sis. The two have a sit-down and hug warmly when Heidi shares the ultimate lesson "always come to her for the true story".

Whitney and Lauren head up a huge shindig at the Area club for a new Interscope artist "Lady Ga Ga", who's supposed to be the next big act. Lauren makes a huge save when she fixes a wardrobe malfunction for Ga Ga. Her zipper broke, but Lauren knows her fashion and with Whitney's help they make it happen.

The episode ends with Lauren and Audrina finally getting a chance to sit down for a heart-to-heart. Tears were shed and frustrated emotions came forth, but in the end the two hugged vowing they would go back to being pals just like the past.

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