Monday, November 24, 2008

Help Name Lauren Conrad's New Clothing Line!

Hollywood celebrity Lauren Conrad from MTV's The Hills wants your help in naming her new fall collection from her clothing line! When Lauren originally started naming her line she would use the names or nicknames of family and friends. Now she's run out of names and is seeking comments on her Myspace blog from fans. Lauren will use selected nicknames for her new pieces!

Here's the official word from Lauren @ her Myspace:

So, it's that time again.... I've just finished designing my Fall 2009 collection. Now, as I do with every collection, I need to name all the pieces. When I was begining I used names and nicknames of my friends and family, but I ran out of names after a few seasons. So, as I was starting to name the pieces in my fall collection, I had an idea. Since it is the support of all the fans that allow me to do this line in the first place, I should name pieces after them. I would love it if you would leave me a comment with your name. You may have a piece in my fall collection named after you. Thanks again for your continued kind words and support! Best wishes!

Thanks for such a great response! There are so many great names to choose from. Some of your names I have already used in my past collections so I won't be able to use it again.

Visit Lauren Conrad's Myspace blog and add your comment. You may have a new piece of clothing from Lauren's 2009 collection named in your honor!

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