Friday, March 30, 2007

VLB Safety Tips

Virtual Laguna Beach is an interactive chat world and since it takes place over the internet, it has safety risks just as much as the internet does.

General tips to consider when using VLB:

-Beware of fakes/people posing as someone they're not.

-Be cautious about giving out personal info and especially about doing so in
open-air chats where others can see it.

-Try not to include your full name or last name in your avatar name or profile.

-Don't include personal info in your profile or groups you create.

The best rule to keep in mind: Its best to be cautious in this virtual chat world.

You can also report harassment if other members are bugging you or causing you problems and interfering with your enjoyment of the game. Avatars with "Greeter" before their name can assist you if you have any problems as well. Many times you will need to take action on your own if staff cannot help you or is not around..

Here is how to report harassment:

1) Find the chat log from the conversation that involved harassment. You can find this on your computer at C:/ drive and then: "Program Files" > "Virtual Laguna Beach " > "VLBClient" > "chatlogs".

2) Find the chat from the day/time in question and email it to:

Make sure in your email to tell the name of the AVATAR that was harassing you and a brief description of the problem.

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